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10 things to do in Gibraltar

Having been under the British rule since 1704, Gibraltar has a history of Moorish, Arab and Spanish origin.
A destination close and visible from the famous holiday destination that is the Costa del Sol, and at even closer reach to Costa de la Luz.
From many known southern Spanish holiday destinations Gibraltar is only a 1-2 hours drive away. This means you could spend a day in another country! If you plan on doing so, please do not forget your passports to cross the border.

The first thing many know or want to know about is the Rock of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is the meeting place of Continents and famous worldwide for it’s imposing, small measuring Rock.
This Rock has many interesting attractions to visit, including some amazing caves, the upper-rock Nature Reserve and Europa Point (you can read about these further down in this article) along with several beaches and marinas, perfect locations to spend a day and a delicious lunch under the sun.
Gibraltar has its very own airport highway that allows you to drive into Gibraltar. If you are feeling adventurous and sporty, you could even park your car on the Spanish side ‘La Línea’ and bicycle your way into Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a great destination to enjoy biking, or even walking. Gibraltar has a lot to see, that will perhaps even amaze you.
And language will not be a barrier for English is thoroughly spoken, and even mixed with Spanish – true land of Spanglish.

Many dismiss this British overseas but-with-Mediterranean-charm town as an unworthy trip with troublesome border control. We’re going to try to prove that wrong and list 10 things worth doing and seeing in the Gibraltar.
1) Main Street, find your bargain of the day

Main street is the place where you will probably do most of your shopping and grab yourself a bargain. With shops, restaurants, bars and even a casino, there’s plenty of things to do. If you’re into live rock music, a place called ‘Rock on the Rock’ might be your place.

2) Bomb Place Lane
Bomb Place Lane is a museum. A nice place where to start and learn more about Gibraltar’s origins and history, a combination of Neanderthal skulls, open-air archaelogical expo and militaria displays. If you don’t consider yourself the museum type of walking and reading, you will be please to know there’s a 15 minutes video that allows you to sit back and watch Gibraltar’s history.
3) St Michael’s Caves
St Michael’s caves consist of the Cathedral Cave and other caverns that have formed around it over time. These beautiful caves were caused naturally due to rainwater forming wholes out of the limestone rocks over thousands of years. If you’re a nature lover, this is a sight you will enjoy – structures, stalagmites, stalactites, underground lake… and a cave-auditorium for you less keen in nature’s wonders.

4) Europa Point
Europe’s farthest point and closest to Africa. On a good day, you can see Morocco’s Rif Mountains and the Strait of Gibraltar itself. (image of the point at the top of this article)
5) Rosia Bay
This is the natural harbour in Gibraltar. However, its is often described as the bay from which Lord Nelson’s body was brought up in a barrel of brandy after the Battle of Trafalgar, true story…
6) The Bay of Gibraltar
This is where you take you and your young ones to enjoy some amazing whale watching and dolphin spotting. With wild dolphin schools around and open all year around, you can even go see and admire dolphin babies. Gibraltar is also a place where sea sharks breed their young, also a beautiful sight to see. You can even see Morocco from the bay, as it is only a few Kilometers away from Gibraltar.

7) Castle of Moorish origin

Built in 1068, demolished by the Spanish two centuries later and then rebuilt in the 14th century, by the Moors again. Currently there stands a Moorish Castle with it’s Union flag, perhaps the highlight of Gibraltar sightseeing tour.
8) The botanic gardens
Popular venue for local weddings, Alameda Botanic Gardens hold natural beauty in it’s colorful nature. Gibraltar Sea Lavender not only blossoms in color but lovely smell, a rare plant only found in the peninsula. If you’re lucky you may experience a performance at the open-air theatre in the garden, a wonderful place to enjoy a day out.

9) Great Siege Tunnels
These tunnels were built to transport cannons underground and use them to fire from holes in the rocks. Dug and built in the late 18th century by the Brits and used under French and Spanish siege. Worth a visit, may take you a whole day and very comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

10) Not to forget, the monkeys!
The only free-living primates in whole of Europe, these tailless monkeys are perhaps the most famous inhabitants in the area. As a big attraction that they are, it doesn’t mean these wild animals are tamed so please be careful. If you do want to see them, the best place is at the top of the Rock, accessible by taxi or cable car.

Below is a map where Gibraltar has been marked with a big red pin. Click on the map to be redirected to live Google Maps where you can plan your trip to Gibraltar from wherever you are.

Welcome to Gibraltar!