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Christmas special: Red sea bream with almonds

Here at Food@M, in this celebratory season, we deliver you “Christmas Specials” of top notch Spanish meals.
This casserole meal contains exquisite Mediterranean flavours packed in a punch. Although Red sea bream is quite a international fish, it is well known in Spain. You may however, use another type of fish if you find it suit.
NOTE This dish needs a couple hours of preparation, read carefully and make sure you get your meal served in time.
1 Red sea bream
50 grams of almonds
3 sage leaves
3 potatoes (potatoes are not obligatory, choose to your liking.)
A little bit of butter
Salt and pepper
3 spoons of Port wine
70 ml of olive oil
1) Clean the fish, potatoes and sage leaves. Cut the potatoes in very thin slices.
2) Grind the almonds with the sage leaves. After add your spoonfulls of Port wine and a sprinkle of oilve oil and mix it all very well.
3) Grease a platter with butter. Place the red sea bream (or fish or your choice) in the platter and add salt and pepper. Cover the fish platter with your mix of Port wine, almonds and olive oil. Leave this to marinace for two hours.
4) Pre-heat the oven at 180º. On a different platter/casserole, place the fish on top of layer of potato slices and add the rest of the liquid of the marinade. Leave in the oven to cook for 40 minutes.