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Andalusian wines, where and how to enjoy it

Wine encompasses the spirit of the Andalusian culture. What better to accompany great tapas than a great glass of wine? Cultivation of vines in Andalusia go back centuries, and today it is a region that products world known
The specialty of this region is vino fino, a sherry. Althought it is normally served cold, it has a dry palate and a rather intense yet smooth. It’s a delicate and unmistakeable flavor bound to open up a full range of sensations. The most famous named Jerez also known as Xérès or sherry.
Geology and climate of Andalusia are all ideal for the cultivation of vines. It’s mild average temperatures (16º), the long hours of sunshine, combined with the contrasting altitudes and systems of maturing, create wines of exceptional quality, with a wide variety of types and characteristics.
Andalusian vino fino sherry is typically served in bars and taverns, which with their special charm and friendly locals will guarantee you some unforgettable moments. High spirits and loud laughter are essentials amid a great selection of tapas and the very important glasses of vino fino.

Andalusia has numerous attractions which will entice you to stay: wonderful beaches, plenty of sun, an outstanding artistic heritage, great festive and lovely ambience and of course, a delicious gastronomy. We suggest you come and discover it, we have lived here over 20 years and we have not excuse to leave. Andalusia is truly a wonderful place, not to mention sunny!
If you are visiting Spain, Andalusia even, and you are wondering how to find out more about vino fino, discover how its made, where its made and how to enjoy it, you may want to do a wine route.
If you would like to do tapas or even cultural route too, click here to find out more! With all kinds of tours and events, why not book yourself guided/entertainment and make the most of your time in Spain, enjoying it to the fullest.