Wine from the volcanoes, Canary Islands

tenerife wines

For centuries a highly alcoholic Malvasía (known also as Malmsey) heavy body wine has been produced in the Canary Islands. It was considered a luxury for the European aristocracy and bourgeoisie until the 18th century when fine wines from Portugal and France were preferred. It was not long after that the wine production in the […]

Andalucia, land of exotic fruits, tapas, flamenco and much more

Feria de Sevilla Festival

Entitled as the “land of the light”, Andalucia’s twelve months of sun a year is a reality. Known for its beautiful landscapes and near idyllic beaches, Andalucia is also home to exotic fruits, the origins of tapas culture and flamenco, and much much more. Many of you may know or have heard of Costa del […]

Spanish wines and regions and how Spain got to Nº1 Wine Producer in the World

Pedro Ximenes Wines

First time ever, in 2013, Spain was named the Nº1 Wine Producer in the World.
 With a production mass of 50,5 millions of hectoliters, a staggering 41% more than in previous years, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Spanish Wine Market Observatory. Beat famous wine producers France and Italy to first place, Spain’s vine harvest […]

La Rioja, where Spain’s most popular wines come from

Malvasia Grape

La Rioja is land of the world famous wine. On the banks of the river Rio Oja, with views of scattering vineyards and beautiful mountain ranges. Despite being located in the north of Spain, the land boasts of Mediterranean climate. In La Rioja, grape harvesting is done by hand almost everywhere. Most vines are bush-trained […]

Spain’s finest Sherry and Grape harvest Celebrations in Andalucia


Sherry is made from the Palamino grape, a grape that grows extremely well on chalky soils found in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia. Jerez has been titled European Wine City 2014. What is done with these grapes to make Sherry, is truly interesting. Fermented to give a dry white wine, which is then fortified 16% […]

Wine Museum in Ronda, Andalusian wines

Ronda Wine Tasting

The cellar of a historic “casa palacio” (translates to ‘palace house’) has been converted into a wine museum, that has turned out to be a great success. Wine Museum of Ronda, correctly named”Bodegas la Sangre”, has 12 rooms which guide through history and culture of Ronda wines, from mithology, religion and social recognition, to the […]

Andalusian wines, where and how to enjoy it

Wine encompasses the spirit of the Andalusian culture. What better to accompany great tapas than a great glass of wine? Cultivation of vines in Andalusia go back centuries, and today it is a region that products world known wines. The specialty of this region is vino fino, a sherry. Althought it is normally served cold, […]

Wine tasting at Birdie Vinos del Mundo, Fuengirola

Birdie Vinos del Mundo, is a family business led by a danish-spanish couple in Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol. They hold an annual wine tasting ceremony for all their clients during the first week of November. With a wide selection of delicious wines from all over Spain, they also have an international variation. But since […]