Tortilla española – the Spanish omelette

The “tortilla de patatas” is the popular and world famous Spanish potato omelet. This simple egg dish was once know as “tortilla de cartuja” as it was a dish originally created by the monks, who whipped egg with cream. Over the following centuries this potato omelet became so typical that it eventually attained the rank […]

"Pimientos del Piquillo" – the Spanish small Red peppers

For many Spaniards, the very name “pimientos del piquillo” is enough to make their mouths water. These are small, more or less 8 centimeters long and dark red in colour. These peppers have to be cooked to get some flavor, they tend to be quite bitter in taste when raw. Therefore, they are usually grilled […]

"Sangría & Tinto de Verano" – Spanish summer drinks

You’ve heard of Sangría, right? It’s the great summer/party drink that is fruity, easy and somewhat cheap to make and very tasty. Sangría is traditionally made from red wine, with fruit soaked in brandy, juice and sparkling water. It is a drink many tourists order when they are looking for something refreshing and authentically Spanish […]

The 5 main types of Spanish Paella

Many, when they think of Paella, they think of yellow rice. But it’s so much more. Paella is dish that is served all around Spain. Not only tourists love it, but locals enjoy paella with friends and family as a social meal to enjoy with a glass of sangría. It’s a dish usually made with […]

"Gambas blancas de Huelva" – Huelva’s delicate and delicious white prawns

There are multiple varieties of prawns, of many different qualities, in Spain. The highest quality, with great gastronomic value, are the prawns from Costa de Huelva, in Andalucía, southern Spain – known as ‘Gambas de Huelva’ in Spanish. Also called ‘Gambas Blancas de Huelva’ (‘blancas’ means white), this crustacean has a long and well developed […]

"Gazpacho, Ajo Blanco & Salmorejo" – Andalucía’s famous vegetable soups

Gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup, has conquered the world as a hearty, easily digestible starter or tapa. In pre-Roman times gazpacho was made from stale bread, garlic, vinegar, oil and water. Later, farmers began to add vegetables to make it more substantial and satisfy hunger and thirst – in one go. This cold soup has […]

Delicious Spanish "Cordero" – Lamb recipes and more

We are approaching Semana Santa (Easter) and as you may already know, Catholics do not eat meat during this Holy Week. Nevertheless, we know lamb is a popular dish elsewhere during this festive season and here are a few Spanish recipes on how to cook some exquisite flavorsome lamb. A very typical way of preparing […]

Alcachofas con almejas – Artichokes with clams, a taste of Navarra

This recipe is for you artichoke and shellfish lovers who can now combine the two in this delicious dish. This is a typical, very healthy and tasty dish from Navarra (northern Spain) cuisine. Artichokes have been around in Andalucía (southern Spain) for centuries, and were originally named ‘al-jarshuf’ and introduced by the Arabs in the […]

"Cazuela de garbanzo y chorizo" – Spanish chickpea & chorizo sausage Stew

Cazuela de garbanzo & chorizo is a typical dish in Spain. Rich in flavor and easy to make, it’s a dish that can’t go wrong. It’s a warm and satisfying main course for cool autumn and winter nights, but can equally be enjoyed in spring and summer months accompanied by a nice ice cold beer. […]

Flavorsome 'Ensalada de pimientos', a simply but delicious red pepper salad

Spanish red peppers salad

What’s so special about red peppers? Let me tell you. This peppers salad is not just any salad. The combination of Jerez vinegar, sliced peppers and poignant garlic create a very simply dish that booms in flavor. It’s not hard to make, perhaps too easy to eat. If you plan on visiting Andalucía, Spain sometimes, […]