Gaudí's Barcelona and much more

Barcelona Gaudi casa Milá

There are so many things to do in Barcelona, a vibrant metropolitan and chic city. The best thing to do is stroll through the city’s streets by foot, for that way you really get to explore the city and get close to Gaudí’s famous modernist buildings. But before we explore the greatness of Antoni Gaudí, […]

Asturia's cider and the art of pouring it

Cider Asturias

Spain is known and famous for it’s red wines. Region of Asturias is renown for its cider and cider pouring. But Asturias is also land of many other landmarks and heritages. Apart from cider, Asturias is a region well-known for its green spaces. Spectacular natural ‘paradises’ and scenery with legendary sites such as Covadonga Lakes, […]

Where to go for a good flamenco show in the Madrid capital

Flamenco Show Madrid

Madrid, capital of Spain, is located in the heart of the country. A metropolitan city for singles or families, for students for everybody. Madrid has a bit of everything — even flamenco! Even though Flamenco is more from Andalusian culture, it is still a widely recognized folk dance art nationally and big part of Spanish […]

Ernest Hemingway’s Spanish cities, his memories live on

Ernest Hemingway’s relationship to so many Spanish cities is almost indescribable. This Nobel Prize writer/novelist is one of the few foreigners to be so closely identified with Spain. With the given nickname ‘Papa’ (‘father’ in Spanish), Ernest truly captured more than just the complexities of Spain and the Civil War, he captured people’s hearts. He […]

Surf this winter in Tarifa

Tarifa surfing

Believe it or not, Tarifa is a better place in the winter than in the summer! That is, if (kite) surfing is your thing. Not only is the weather as windy as it needs to be, but during winter time you have the luxury of enjoying empty beaches with no one to stare at you […]

"Pueblos blancos" Whitewashed villages in Andalucia

If you are visiting or living in Andalucia, you cannot miss a trip to the Whitewashed villages. Many may think that these villages are all located within the exact same area. These villages are spread through northern part of Cádiz and Málaga provinces. Most Andalucian towsn were once fortresses that stood along the frontiers between […]

Golf season at Costa del Sol, also known as Costa del Golf!

Golf at La Cala Resort

It is peak season in Golf here in Costa del Sol, southern Spain. With great climate, sunny skies and sea views, what else can a golfer want? Great golf courses. Costa del Sol has some of those too! If you want a golf course with a challenge we suggest you visit El Chaparral Golf . […]

Ski the slopes of Sierra Nevada, Granada

Ski Station Granada Spain

Sierra Nevada is the most popular skiing destination in southern Spain. At it foothills is the beautiful city of Granada. One can enjoy skiing and sun with culture and history combined. Granada is home to one of the most prestigious cultural heritages of Andalucía, “El Alhambra”. The Alhambra consists of Islamic palaces built for the […]