Tapas bars and restaurants in Fuengirola and surrounding areas

Here is a guide through some of Fuengirola’s (and surrounding areas) tapas bars and restaurants where to enjoy traditional Spanish food and some with more alternative cuisine options. The guide begins in Fuengirola center (behind the post office and around) where you will find multiple tapas bars, and walks you through to surrounding areas of […]

Malaga’s gastronomy, 10 things you might want to know

Amador restaurant Malaga

Many of you may know Málaga as the great sunny holiday destination that so many visit. There is much more to Málaga than just beach, sun and sangría – a gastronomy worth mentioning. Here’s a run through of 10 things about Málaga’s gastronomy that may be of your interest: 1. Geographical location, the great advantage […]

Olive oil cultivation in Andalucia; qualities, varieties and benefits

virgin olive oil

Olive oil is a component based on the Mediterranean diet and is considered by many as the healthiest in the world. Science has investigated all its positive aspects and has been named as Spain’s ‘golden liquid’. Not only does it make ordinary bread something special, but it truly makes your taste buds pop in flavour. […]

Sardines are the local summer dish in Málaga, the tourism capital

Espetos Costa del Sol

In southern Spain, Málaga province to be exact, Sardines are your summer meal. Locally know as ‘el Espeto’, these sardines are roasted on a stick on an old fishing boat. It may sound a bit silly, but they taste heavenly. This tradition has been in Málaga since Pheonician times, a good long time ago.
The meat […]

Asturia's cider and the art of pouring it

Cider Asturias

Spain is known and famous for it’s red wines. Region of Asturias is renown for its cider and cider pouring. But Asturias is also land of many other landmarks and heritages. Apart from cider, Asturias is a region well-known for its green spaces. Spectacular natural ‘paradises’ and scenery with legendary sites such as Covadonga Lakes, […]

Chorizo & Co, Spanish sausages and charcuterie


Chorizo, the Spanish star of sausages, originates from Extremadura but is eaten and enjoyed all over Spain and all over the world. Sausage made from Iberian pork with great flavors, spices and fats. Today the chorizo that is world famous is red brick in color and comes in different flavors, some spicier than others, some […]

Andalucia, land of exotic fruits, tapas, flamenco and much more

Feria de Sevilla Festival

Entitled as the “land of the light”, Andalucia’s twelve months of sun a year is a reality. Known for its beautiful landscapes and near idyllic beaches, Andalucia is also home to exotic fruits, the origins of tapas culture and flamenco, and much much more. Many of you may know or have heard of Costa del […]

You got game? Here are some Basque poultry dishes

Recipe pigeons stuffed with foie

The most important ingredient in Basque cuisine is the fresh ingredient. Basque dishes are not based on elaborate sauces or spice combinations. Their excellence is due to the use of high quality, local ingredients in season, combined with preparation that enhances, rather than masks, the natural flavor of the food. So when it comes to […]

A likely essential spice in your kitchen, Spanish Saffron


The Arabs brought the spice ‘az-zafaran’ (now know as Azafrán in Spanish, Saffron in English) to Spain over a thousand years ago. Today over 70 % of the world’s saffron production is grown on the high Castilia (Castilla in Spanish) plateu. The crocus flowers open up in the dark and the red light of dawn […]

Tapas culture, how and where to experience it

Tapeo Tapas Spain

Tapas bar crawl in any Spanish town will satisfy any traveler’s desire in adventure and hunger. It’s all part of the ‘Spain experience’, sharing both food and chatter, with many welcomes from locals and smiles combined. Many describe ‘Tapas’ as what Spain is all about. Standing whilst eating and drinking is a foreign concept to […]