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Celebrate Christmas in Andalusia, Andalusian style!

Christmas in Andalusia is full of traditions, great food and “more the merrier” on the wine! Cities dressed up as glittering stars, it’s hard to miss fact that it’s party season. Loud and bright ambiance gives the whole essence of Christmas a purpose and sense of authenticity. Locals celebrate Christmas by bringing families, all big Spanish families, together to eat, drink and laugh laugh laugh.
Spanish Christmas
Although Christmas is not Andalusia’s (nor Spain‘s) biggest religious celebration, as is Semana Santa (in April), it is celebrated.
With all the seasonal ambiance and decor in shops, schools, offices and home, the Christmas city lights, markets, special food and other trappings, the Nativity scene cannot be missed. Because of Spain’s Catholicism it is very typical see “Bethehem’s” (Nativity sets) set up in various venues throughout Spanish cities. These Nativity set show the route of the Three Kings to baby Jesus, in a grande exposé of figurines, some are even life like with real working fountains and all!
Belen Nativity
The biggest family event is on Christmas Eve (“Nochebuena”) and not Christmas Day, when the whole family (and Spanish families are big!) join together for family meal that is likely to feature ham (Christmas would not be Christmas without a pig leg sitting in the kitchen for some surreptitious snacking), cheese, seafood, and traditional seasonal Spanish pastries and sweets such turrón (almond nougat) and many other delicacies. (If you want to learn how to make turrón yourself, click here.)
For Spaniards, the three wise men who brought baby Jesus gifts of gold and frankincense place a great deal of importance.  On January 5th every year you can watch a procession dedicated to these individuals. This said, the day in which Spaniards share gifts is not in December, but on January 6th, the day of “Reyes” (The Three Kings), normally an event most common for children. However, these days children tend to get gifts on both Christmas (24-25th) and Reyes, as foreign traditions spread to Spain.

Spain Traditions

Christmas Nativity
We welcome you to come celebrate Christmas in Andalusia.

If you want to visit Spain, we can help you book accommodation. We suggest you hire a car, there are numerous places in Andalusia that are worth a visit and only a short drive away.
If you’re more of a golfer and want to visit Spain on Christmas, maybe some of these golf packages suit you.If coming to Spain is not on your budget this Christmas, you can always buy some Spanish goodies to have at home! Or learn how to make the following Christmas recipes:

Christmas special: Red sea bream with almonds
Christmas special: Leg of lamb in Port wine, pine nuts and raisins
Christmas special: Solomillo steak with peppercorn sauce
Christmas special: make your own Spanish Turrón!


Sierra Nevada is the most popular skiing destination in southern Spain. At it foothills is the beautiful city of Granada. One can enjoy skiing and sun with culture and history combined. Granada is home to one of the most prestigious cultural heritages of Andalucía, “El Alhambra”. The Alhambra consists of Islamic palaces built for the last Muslim emirs in Spain and its court of the Nasrid dynasty.
“The first historical documents known about the Alhambra date from the 9th century and they refer to Sawwar ben Hamdun who, in the year 889, had to seek refuge in the Alcazaba, a fortress, and had to repair it due to the civil fights that were destroying the Caliphate of Cordoba, to which Granada then belonged.”

Ski in Spain Sierra Nevada
Back to skiing – Sierra Nevada has the highest point of continental Spain, Mulhacén at 3,478 metres (11,411 ft) above sea level. in an area along the Mediterranean Sea predominantly known for its warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. Only 1 and half hours drive from Málaga and close to Almería, Granada is a destination accessible by all means of transport and has its own airport.
Sierra Nevada is a very popular winter season holiday destination. So if you are travelling in Andalucia, or willing to visit in this winter season, come down rolling to sunny Spain and book yourself a holiday.

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