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Costa de la Luz, untouched stunning beaches from Tarifa to Cádiz

We are aware it’s winter season here in Andalucia, but that doesn’t mean the sun aint shining.
If you are however, planning a trip in spring/summer to Costa del Sol or Andalucia in general, we suggest you give the stunning beaches of Costa de la Luz a visit, they won’t disappoint.
Costa de la Luz mainly focuses on the province of Cádiz, where white sandy beaches may just take your breath away.
Some beaches are rougher than others, perfect for wind and water sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing,… and/or just surfing. If you are traveling with family and/or friends, there are calmer and more relaxing beaches too — keep reading and you’ll find out.
Tarifa is the most popular destination for surfers, all-year-around water fun.
Not only is the weather as windy as it needs to be, but during winter time you have the luxury of enjoying empty beaches with no one to stare at you if you were to tumble and fall.
Tarifa is a small beach and port down with a hippy laid-back vibe, lots of quirky shops and cafes but some local restaurants and bars too. It may be a quiet town, but still very Spanish-populated.
Tarifa’s very windy beaches are perfect for sports, but not maybe best if you easily get headaches.
But not to worry, there are many more beaches in the Cádiz province:
Bolonia beach, only a 20 minute (if that) drive from Tarifa town centre. Bolonia stands out for its huge and lengthy (3km) sand dunes of not only fine sand but surrounded by transparent blue aqua waters, breathtaking both ways. Maybe not the best idea to get swamped into these dunes if you are travelling with infants, however, there are stairs and pathways which follow around the dunes, leading you to them panoramic views.

This said, Bolonia beach is nicely tucked away from any close by city or town, truly a place for relaxation and getting with nature.

Between Bolonia and Tarifa there is a small village and beach named Valdevaqueros. Essentially this is the Tarifa beach where water sport lovers hire or bring the their gear rush into the water and feel in paradise. This part of the coast is full of lively beach restaurants and bars for those non-sufers to enjoy some sun and views.
If you keep driving up the N-340 you will (hopefully) notice a sign with Zahara de los Atunes, an area with plenty small white house, a town centre and a beach with the same name. This area is particularly nice for families and young people with ‘cool’ chill out bars and plenty of fine sand where to enjoy the sun.
Zahara de los Atunes
If you keep driving you will come across a town named Barbate, also with a beach with the same name. But what is different about this beach is that is situated on the coast of the Atlantic, meaning it may be a bit colder but with a nice breeze to help you out with the glazing sun.
Within Barbate and next to Breña National Park there is Caños de Meca. A stunning coast line beach surrounded by nature. It has become known as a hippy and surfer ‘it place’ with aplenty wind perfect for happy surfing. This is one of the very few surfing destinations with forest and mountain coast line.

Water sport fans, this is the place for you: snorkeing, kite and wind surfing, bodyboarding, diving… the lot!

The Trafalgar Lighthouse is at short distance, where the famous battle of 1805 took place, where Admiral Nelson defeated Franco’s Spanish fleets.
Another beach still within Barbate, and a point where surfers gather is El Palmar if pretty coloured kite and wind surfers are your thing.
Costa de la luz Andalusia
Now, driving further up the Atlantic coast line (still part of Cádiz province) we find ourselves with Conil de la Frontera. A town with hidden beaches, join the adventure! Get yourself lost in some oft these hidden beaches, perfect place for a romantic getaway. Look for the names Poniente, Melchor, Sudario, Faro, Tío Juan de Medina, Pato, Failecillo, Apero and Camacho — name one of those and a local will know where to guide you — to a hidden beach.
It comes to no surprise that because these beaches are so hidden with cliff and rocks galore, Conil is also a place rock climbing and trekking. A town with also a flair for tapas and lively ambiance, plus great night life — you’re sure to feel relaxed and entertained, both in mind, body and belly.

Conil de la FronteraAnother location with impressive natural surroundings is Chiclana de la Frontera. Huge beeches created by large ocean currents with a castle ‘Sancti Petri’ built on the point on the mainland, stunning views.
Continuing even further along the coast, passing a few smaller towns and beaches you come to Sanlúcar de Barrameda. 6km of wild beach, right at the opening 8mouth) of the Andalucia’s famous Guadalquivir river and surrounded by salt mines that are part of another national park, the great Doñaña Nature Reserve.
If that does not win you over, Sanlúcar’s golden fine sands will. Horse races and sailing are between the other activities you can witness of take part it (held in summer)-

Cádiz beaches will win you over, so come and join us in the sunny coast!

Sanlucar Horse race on the beach