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Experience Flamenco shows in Granada

Granada is a city with many cultural monuments and full of history within. It is also a place where you can enjoy Flamenco at it’s best!
Flamenco is a national tradition and cultural treasure.

Flamenco is not just a dance, it’s an attitude to life. Read this article to know more on where to go in Granada to get the best seats in town for an invigorating Flamenco show!

A combination of cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps) in the name of Spanish folk music and dance.

With origin in Andalusia, southern Spain, where many famous Flamenco dancers and entertainers come from, most of which have Romani (Gypsy) background.


Restaurants and venues in Granada:

El Templo del Flamenco

“A new addition to the Granada flamenco scene, this is the largest cave venues, with a little more upscale feel. There are several good viewing points and you can stay later afterwards to enjoy a drink.”
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Venta el Gallo

“Venta el Gallo is actually located on top of another flamenco cave (Maria la Canastera). The show is about an hour with transport possible as well as meals (dinner or tapas). There is a nice terrace outside the cave with views of the Alhambra and Generalife.”
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Los Jardines de Zoraya

“Los Jardines de Zoraya are located in the Albayzin neighborhood of Granada. While the venue is not the traditional gypsy cave the attraction is a nice dinner menu and large terrace which is a great place to relax and see a show.”
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Zambra Maria La Canastera

“Zambra Maria La Canastera is one of the first caves to hold flamenco performances. The family held shows in their living room for visitors until they converted the space to a dedicate flamenco venue. They also maintained the kitchen and bedrooms, turning the veenue into a small museum.”
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Cueva de la Rocio

“Cueva de la Rocio has two caves and an outdoor terrace with views of the Alhambra. This place has welcomed some famous American visitors such as former president Bill Clinton and current First Lady Muchelle O’Bama on her last trip to Spain.”
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Cuevas Los Tarantos

“Located at the foot of the Camino de Sacromonte, you can’t miss the neon lights outside. In Cuevas Los Tarantos they often have two shows going on at the same time, where the performers switch between the caves so you get to see two different sets. Not sure if this is every night though!
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Tablao Flamenco Albayzin

The venue is a little further from the other caves along the Camino de Sacromote, with a location more or less in the Albayzin (easiest to reach by car). One show per night which includes a drink, or you can opt for dinner which is served in a nearby restaurant.”
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