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Explore Sevilla, Andalucia's capital

Seville is the capital and largest city of Andalusia and the province of Seville, Spain. It is situated on the banks of the smooth and slow River Guadalquivir. The location of Seville is roughly coincident with the point where the Guadalquivir stops being useful for navigation. It is at this point that the cereal producing region and Seville has acted as a sea-port for commerce of agricultural goods produced farther west. Sevilla has some of the largest of medieval and Gothic cathedrals which are lavishly decorated and boast in both size and character, with lots of gold too!
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Monuments and places to visit in Seville are countless, it’s a blossomng city with a lot to see! It has the minaret of La Giralda (one of the largest Christendom cathedrals) and the Alcázar Palace, with marvellous gardens and the Santa Cruz quarter, with cramped streets, flowered balconies, richly decorated facades, hidden patios…
“Other sights not to be missed are, in the old city, the Casa de Pilatos, a large sixteenth-century mansion where Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance styles blend harmoniously amidst exuberant patios and gardens and, crossing the Triana bridge over the large Guadalquívir River, the lively popular quarter of Triana with charming narrow streets around the church of Santa Ana and traditional ceramic factories.”

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