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Fill your needs 24/7, buy "Pulpo" from a vending machine!

Strolling around the city of Castro Urdiales, a seaport city located in northern Spain, in the autonomous community of Cantabria (on the bay of Biscay), one can find vending machines of all sorts.
Within the normal (and not so healthy) drinks and snacks vending machines, this funny particular one caught out eye. Not everyday do you see “Pulpo” (“Octopus” in Spanish) sold in a vending machine, right on the street of the holiday home we staying at. Other products such as Iberican assortments of cold meats, local cheeses and tinned and packaged seafood were amongst this striking Pulpo leg.
Come to think about it, Spain should have more, or Europe should have more vending machines like this!
It is very handy if you wake up in the middle of the night and just need some Pulpo.

Pulpo, octopus