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Flamenco routes in Andalucía

One cannot visit Andalucia and leave without a Flamenco experience!
Flamenco is a combination of cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps) in the name of Spanish folk music and dance. With origin in Andalusia, southern Spain, where many famous Flamenco dancers and entertainers come from, most of which have Romani (Gypsy) background.
Many say that you either learn about Andalusia with Flamenco or you learn Flamenco through Andalusia.
Endless ways to expierence different ‘Routes through Flamenco Country’ cover all of Andalusia, permitting tourists to experience a sample of this great cultural treasure in just a few days.

There are so many places where to experience Flamenco, however, some may seen more touristic than others. In Málaga, The Restaurant Theater “Alma Flamenca” is a well-known place Flamenco dance shows.  It is a meeting point for gatherings and temporary exhibitions.
This theater/restaurant has a capacity for 100 people to enjoy a good meal and a flamenco show, all in one!
Spanish Flamenco has been named an”Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO.
If you are interested in more Flamenco experiences elsewhere in Andalucía or even other types of events, Wine routes, Tapas routes, Cultural excursions, outdoor activities then click here to see more!

Road Directions for “Alma Flamenca”

C/Vélez Málaga Nº6
29016 Málaga
Google maps location: