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Friendly bullfighting show in Málaga, with lunch and flamenco included!

Bullfighting used to be a very glorified public image in Spain.
Nowadays, having passed the legislation and opting against animal cruelty, Spain’s modern future leaves doubt to whether bullfighting will continue to be considered part of Spanish culture“.  It has been said that “bullfighting is cruel and outdated and has no place in a [Spanish] modern society; culture stops where cruelty starts.”
Bullfighting & Flamenco show
Dressed in traditional costume of bright colours, the brave “matador” is presented as risking his life and limbs to tackle the fiesty beast, el toro (the bull). For many years, tourists went to see a Spanish bullfight during their stay as a way to be able to really grasp what Spanish culture is all about.
A legislation, which was passed by the congress’s culture commission designates bullfighting as “part of the cultural heritage worthy of protection throughout the national territory” and that “Spain’s government has signalled its support for unacceptable animal cruelty and the allowance of public funds used to assist the blood sport.”
They are ready to make this stop.

This is where we, Spain@M (Magnethi Group) come in and offer you an experience that allows you to enjoy the old cultural bullfighting with no blood or cruelty together with lunch and a flamenco show.

Click here to book yourself a friendly bullfighting show in Málaga, with lunch and flamenco included

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Flamenco & bullfight show