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Where to go for a good flamenco show in the Madrid capital

Madrid, capital of Spain, is located in the heart of the country.
A metropolitan city for singles or families, for students for everybody. Madrid has a bit of everything — even flamenco!

Even though Flamenco is more from Andalusian culture, it is still a widely recognized folk dance art nationally and big part of Spanish culture.



Quick facts about Spain’s capital

It’s Spain’s largest city with a population of roughly 3.3 million in the city centre and a staggering sum of 6.5 million if we count Madrid’s metropolitan areas too. It is the third-largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin.
Despite it being the capital, and a big university city, there is plenty to explore. Galleries, museums or gastronomy, restaurants and nightlife. Take a trip to Retiro park, and rent one of the rowing boats, there really is nothing more romantic.
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But in this article we are all about the art of flamenco, find below a list of top notch places, restaurants and bars where to enjoy some Spanish tradition in Madrid:

Cafetin la Quimera

Cafetin la Quimera has shows every night except Mondays. An affordable ticket, even with dinner, expect a performance which is less stuffy and more informal. No microphones or amplifiers, just a dedication to offering authentic flamenco in Madrid at a reasonable price.

Corral de la Moreria

Perhaps on the other end of the spectrum would be Corral de la Moreria, which is probably the most upscale tablao in Madrid. There are several different dinner menus to choose from with the food being well above many of the standard tablao cuisine. The late show at 23:30 is often a good bet and less often to sell out.


Cardamomo has been around for over 15 years and has been featured in a NY Times travel report. This is a smaller venue with a relaxed atmosphere which often has a younger crowd on the weekends. The location is convenient to reach from most anywhere, with two metro stops nearby.

Flamenco Show Madrid

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Casa Patas

Casa Patas is situated in the Lavapies neighborhood of Madrid. The venue includes a typical tavern where dinner and drinks are served as well as a separate space for flamenco performances. The owners are deeply involved in the local flamenco scene and have founded a flamenco cultural association as well.

Las Tablas

Las Tablas has nightly flamenco shows and tapas in a more modern venue. The venue is operated by two flamenco artists who are also involved in the local flamenco scene. They have organized events for children as well as movie screenings, all with a flamenco theme.

Tablao Las Carboneras

Holding shows every night except Sundays, Las Carboneras also often exhibits photography, paintings, and more in the main room of the venue. There are several menus to choose from as well as the standard option of a show with drink.

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