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Jerez’s Flamenco Festival

The world’s leading Flamenco festival is back in town!
Starting on the 20th February all the way through to 7th March, come and enjoy some colorful and soulful performances by world famous flamenco artists; dancers, guitarists and singers.

It is fact that Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia, was where the vibrant art of Flamenco all began, hence the organisation of an annual Flamenco Festival. 
The so-called masters of Flamenco will attend this festival not only to perform and show off their talent but for you to learn from them. Workshops will be held in numerous places and days where one will be taught about the diverse styles of the art of Flamenco.
If you want to attend one of these workshops, we want you to be aware that the competition is fierce. Only 1,000 people have the opportunity to attend such master classes. If you do not managed to get yourself a place in a master class, don’t worry, there are many other different courses and workshops to attend.

Flamenco dancing

If you are however not keen in participating in any workshop, there is plenty to do for spectators too! Numerous performances and shows take place during this festival, and the city of Jerez will be bombarded and brought alive with lots of tacones (heels, flamenco shoes), clacks of castanets, passion and the constant clap of hands – from both performers and spectators.
You can find the list of workshops and events in the official website:

You will be glad to know that Jerez was also nominated European Wine City 2014! 
Jerez de la Frontera is world known for its sherry, wine made from white geapes. This particular sherry is made in a variety of different styles and grapes, “Palomino” being a favourite.

European wine city Jerez

If you cannot make it to Jerez’s Flamenco Festival you can sure make it for Jerez’s Grape Harvest Celebreation in September!
This is the celebration of Jerez and all it stands for, which together with flamenco and horses make up the identity of this city. This ‘new’ wine region has been topic of present cultural, historic and social arguments, showing the unquestionable impact of Jerez wines. Jerez produces some of the world renown finest wines.

Join in the passion and come to Jerez!