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“Journey through the blue" at Museu Picasso Barcelona

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, in the month of January, Museu Picasso is doing some changes to its permanent exhibition and bringing other Picasso periods to light again.
The museum’s new and focus pieces of Picasso’s are “LaVie” (1903) and it’s links to Picasso’s other works. The enigmatic symbolism of the work has prompted numerous interpretations and studies, the most recent being “La Vie”, curated by William Robinson at the Cleveland Museum of Art in 2012.

La Vie (1903)

Considered the most important picture produced before Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907), La Vie reflects the evolution of Picasso’s pictorial style, subject matter and philosophical concerns during this period. Even thought the works are only four years apart, they are connected by a series of obsessions running through the work and life of this Malaga-born adopted son of Barcelona.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907)

La Vie speaks of agony… And stars his old friend Carles Casagemas. When they were young they had met two sisters and got involved with them. When Carles’ lady left him, he was devastased, and commit suicide.

“La Vie” has delicate color work and composition, with his dear old friend Carles Casagemas in the centre, maybe as an alter ego? Did Picasso have something to feel guilty about?

Visit the exhibition and find out for yourself
The exhibition is organised by the Museu Picasso in collaboration with the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Museu Picasso of Barcelona

Montcada 15-23
08003 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 256 30 00

Rooftops (1902)