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Give a gift and learn Spanish in Spain or in your own home

With the Christmas around the corner, why not treat yourself or a someone else, to the gift of Learning Spanish.

Courses are available online or to study abroad, in Spain! If you have a holiday in mind, why not combine the two? Learn Spanish and enjoy culture, food and wine in Spain, the right way. You can even combine learning Spanish, with a cooking or flamenco course and do it all on your stay abroad!
Why learn Spanish? Spanish is becoming of greater and greater importance in Europe, and Spanish is often considered the foreign language of chice after English. Sorry France.
With 400 million speakers, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, after English, Chinese and Hindustani. Some say that Spanish has more native speakers than the Engligh language has. Take that!
Among reasons why to study Spanish are; to understand English better as so much vocabulary come from latin origins, cultural understanding of other countries and for travelling… and because, it’s easy! Known to be an easy phonetic language. Pronounce what you read, hardly any hidden letters, straightforward stuff.
Below are some of the courses on offer:

Spanish Course

Spanish fun Course

Spanish literature

Flamenco course

Cooking course

Tenerife Scuba diving Course

Learn Spanish in Spain
If you are interested in studying Spain but not in Spain, courses are also given throughout South America.
Below you can see some videos of Language Schools across Spain.
Learn Spanish