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Mijas Pueblo, Costa del Sol’s enchanting white village

Mijas Pueblo is a village town that takes you back to what Spanish village used to be like. Only 20 min from Málaga airport, located up on mountain and only like 10 min drive from the coast and beaches. You can take horse carriages or burro taxis (donkey taxis) that take you for a stroll through the splendors of this hill top town.
When visiting Málaga or generally the Costa del Sol, you cannot go without visiting Mijas Pueblo.

This enchanting white village is close to the coast, situated in the lowlands mountainside of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, surrounded by pine forest and with PANORAMIC views across the sunny Costa del Sol. 
With a small population of 7,500 habitants, this village is 428 metres above sea level and has Fuengirola as it’s closes sea-side town, only 8 km drive down the mountain.

A little bit of history
Archaeological findings have been discovered near the ‘Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción’, a church built in the 18th century. Is has been noted that it covers ruins of a Moorish castle that used to stand there until the 15th century. With its close links to Málaga and Cádiz, Mijas Pueblo used to be considered an important trading centre point and was then named ‘Tamisa’ before the arrival of the Romans, when it became ‘Mijas’.
The Mayor of Mijas has registered a request with UNESCO to give Mijas Pueblo the title of World Heritage Site, based on the conservation of local white washed architecture.

Mijas Pueblo is a village with plenty of events and things to do, see and buy.
Things to buy & admire
Local ceramics, leather works, jewelry, paintings and artesian workshops brings the whiteness of the village to light with color and life. If art is your thing, we suggest you look for acclaimed local artists Don Clarke and Michele Lehmann.  

Souvenirs, natural skin care products and soaps, small quirky shops selling handmade crafts, the list of odd but great little shops and places to visit is countless. You can’t miss Mayan Monkey, the world’s smallest chocolate factory. They sell delicious homemade chocolates and ice creams.

Things to do & see
Mijas Pueblo has multiple museums; Museo del Vino (‘Museum of wines’), CAC Mijas (Museum that displays works of Picasso and his artists friends, pottery, ceramics and paintings) and Mijas’ history folk museum (full of miniatures that explain Mijas’ history, culture and traditions).
Every wednesday you can enjoy a free flamenco show in the main square ‘Plaza Virgen de la Pena’.

In June there is a Mijas International Fair that consists of of fun, food, drink and lots of nationalities! Many different nationalities/countries set up a stands and sell products, food & drinks from their native country.
In other summer months (July to August) you can enjoy Flamenco on Tuesdays, Caribbean music on Thursday’s as well as Latin American (Dance) Night, Rock night (for those young at heart) and a Spanish Theatre Festival at open air.
There are plenty of places to eat that cater traditional Spanish cuisine and international food, many of which have beautiful views to the Mediterranean sea.

Below is a map on how to get to Mijas Pueblo, the red pin shows Málaga Airport. We suggest you hire a car to get here, there is a big parking house that only costs 1 € a day, how ever long you decide to stay.
If you click the map below you will be taken to live Google Maps map with Mijas Pueblo marked with a golden star.

Welcome to Mijas Pueblo!