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Muelle Uno; Málaga’s modern port

Since 2011, Málaga’s port has been open to the public.
A project that had been in the making for the last 10 years turned into 11 dock terminals for shipping and cruise ships. Málaga’s port is now one the most important cruise ship terminals in Spain. It brings thousands of passengers onto Malaga’s annually.

Located in the within walking distance (5 minutes tops) from the city center, with some of Málaga cultural highlights such as the ‘Alcazaba’ (Islamic fortress) and main shopping street ‘Calle Larios’. Muelle Uno has developed into a leisure center with plenty to things to do, see, buy and eat.

This large port has separate sections, such as Muelle Uno (pier one), which has been developed for recreational and commercial use, with a variety of exquisite restaurants,  70 shops, cultural and maritime museum with an aquarium, bicycle rental and mini golf. The most exclusive part of the port, it is home to Malaga’s only Michelin-starred restaurant and has a marina for luxurious yachts, known as “Ricardo Gross.”

It has been announced that a Pompidou Centre (described as an ‘ultracontemporary artistic hub’), a museum that today is only to reside in Paris, is opening a branch in Málaga’s Muelle Uno. A cube building above underground parking has been planned to be used for the installment.
Another ultra-modern addition to this port are the promenades of Muelle Dos (pier two). They are ideal for family strolls, they have kid’s playgrounds, water features, organized entertainment and other modern relaxing spaces.
The whole complex is very modern and elegantly designed with 420 palm trees lining the walkway and tropical gardens with another 7400 trees.

The transformation of the old Málaga port and the conversion into the 2 new piers has locals feeling proud of the newest addition the their city’s sights. Muelle uno & Muelle dos are perfect places where to enjoy a sunny day’s stroll, where youngsters can be entertained and your bellys filled with delicious food as you soak the Mediterranean sun.
Locate Muelle Uno & Dos on a map
Below is a map that pin points exactly where Muello Uno is. Click it and it will redirect you to live Google Maps where you can plan your trip from wherever you are. There is underground parking (and a large one) under Muelle Uno, so if you’re driving we suggest you park there. There are many parking places in Málaga, and even if you are visiting Málaga generally we suggest you park here for you will still be walking distance to the center and more likely to find parking.

Welcome to Málaga!