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fried milk Spanish desert

Leche frita, Spain's fried milk dessert

Leche frita literally translates to ‘fried milk’. A bit of what you see is what you get – but what you eat it delicious, a personal favourite. It’s a delicious traditional dessert that is nicely sweet, lovely and milky. These

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tenerife wines

Wine from the volcanoes, Canary Islands

For centuries a highly alcoholic Malvasía (known also as Malmsey) heavy body wine has been produced in the Canary Islands. It was considered a luxury for the European aristocracy and bourgeoisie until the 18th century when fine wines from Portugal

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Barcelona Gaudi casa Milá

Gaudí's Barcelona and much more

There are so many things to do in Barcelona, a vibrant metropolitan and chic city. The best thing to do is stroll through the city’s streets by foot, for that way you really get to explore the city and get

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