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"Pueblos blancos" Whitewashed villages in Andalucia

If you are visiting or living in Andalucia, you cannot miss a trip to the Whitewashed villages.
Many may think that these villages are all located within the exact same area. These villages are spread through northern part of Cádiz and Málaga provinces.
Most Andalucian towsn were once fortresses that stood along the frontiers between the Christian and Moorish realms. This is why their names have are very similar ending “___ de la Frontera” meaning “of the frontier” and maybe why many think they could be in the same place.
You may have heard of these following whitewashed villages, “Jerez de la Frontera”, “Arcos de la Frontera”, “Morón de la Frontera”. This trail of villages are called the Trail of the Whitewashed Villages. This trail goes deep into the Grazalema Nature Reserve, declared a Biosphere Reserve.
Medieval White VillageThese whitewashed villages are very impressive and still today have people living in them of inherited Iberian, Roman and Moorish backgrounds. In Andalucian highlands, rough and olive-farming towns still exist. If you are a keen traveller and adventurer, we suggest you check them out. True Spanish character and charm right there!
Arcos de la Frontera, granted the historic-artistic designation, is one of the most famous whitewashed villages. It is followed by Ubrique, El Bosque and Prado del Rey, not only famous for their stunning scenery, but also for their arts and crafts.”
It is true that many coastal villages have turned into tourist attractions and resorts yet somehow managed to conserve a little bit of historical character.
This said we suggest you visit “Pueblos blancos” of Andalucian. If you are into true Spanish culture in a raw form, they won’t dissapoint.
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