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Noche de San Juan – Midsummer St John’s Eve.

San Juan midsummer eve. – Noche de San Juan will take place in Spain, especially along the costs. Come along and have fun!

The night is full of bonfires, fireworks, music, dancing, sardines, eating and drinking and get to together on the beaches.

In cities and villages next to sea the celebration is very important. Fire and water are the protagonist of the night. As the sun sets on the evening of  23rd of June,  families and friends get together on the beaches, put up their tents, light barbeques, specially with fresh sardines, and have cool boxes ready with drinks.  BE early to get your spot on the beach.

According the tradition, at Midnight you should jump over a bonfire to cleanse and purify your soul, the problems to be turned away. and afterwards rush into the sea to wash away the evil spirits. Another tradition , specially for women, is to prepare perfumed water combining the scents of seven plants- among them rosemary, roses and laurel, and to bathe or wash their faces in the water, again to purify themselves for the new season.

Every region in Spain has different local traditions, however all of them are related to fire and water. But after all what matters is having lot of fun!