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Spain’s finest Sherry and Grape harvest Celebrations in Andalucia

Sherry is made from the Palamino grape, a grape that grows extremely well on chalky soils found in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia. Jerez has been titled European Wine City 2014.

What is done with these grapes to make Sherry, is truly interesting.
Fermented to give a dry white wine, which is then fortified 16% with spirits and left in oak barrels to penetrate. After a few weeks in the special conditions of cool air atmosphere, a layer of white yeast forms on the becoming sherry, named flor (‘flower’).
It is after another six to ten months, when colour, intensity, clarity, smell and taste are put to test. When a good flor is formed, the sherry is considered fino.

Vino fino, heard of that before?

Fino (“refined” in Spanish) is the driest and palest of the traditional varieties of Sherry and Montilla-Moriles (Córdoba) fortified wine. They are drunk comparatively young, and unlike the sweeter varieties should be drunk soon after the bottle is opened as exposure to air can cause them to lose their flavour within hours.

Pedro Ximenes Wines


Types of Sherry;

Fino — between 15 and 17 % alcohol, shaped by the flor on the surface of the wine, hence considered a classic apéritif wine, often drunk together with a meal (specially in Andalucia)
Oloroso — of darker colour, dry or medium dry, full-bodied oxidized through without flor, an alcohol content between 16 and 18 % , and more aromatic, mildly bitter.
Amontillado — created from an aging fino, when the flor dies after some time to obtain the sweet sherries. Alcohol content between 16 and 18 % with a strong nutty bouquet and mildly bitter and often dry or medium dry.
Manzanilla — a light, pale and very dry fino only allowed to come from Sanlúcar de Barrameda region. Particular fragrant aroma, typically dry and with a slight salty taste. From Jerez de la Frontera and only blooms in spring and fall.
Pedro Ximénez — the jewel of sweet sherries. Popular for its mahogany color and predominant raisin flavor. With a content of 17 % alcohol, this velvety sweet wine is a favorite with tourists and locals.

All sherries go through a process of fermenting and aging for years named solera, a system of three rows of barrels stacked upon each other, oldest wines at the bottom.

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D.O: Regions


Jerez Grape Harvest Celebration

This is the celebration of Jerez and all it stands for, which together with flamenco and horses make up the identity of this city. This ‘new’ wine region has been topic of present cultural, historic and social arguments, showing the unquestionable impact of Jerez wines. Jerez produces some of the world renown finest wines. Jerez’s Grape Harvest Celebrations opens with Grape Crushing, an important event that symbolises the birth of the first must from Jerez grapes. After that, numerous events and happening start. Moments of thrill from locals in Jerez as their annual wine festival is about to begin, a sight for any tourist to see.
Like many festivities in Andalucia, festivals turns night into day and day into night; celebrating has no limit. Jerez nights turn in to Bulería Fiesta of flamenco with horse show entertainment by institutions with schools in Jerez.

Jerez Spain
There has been a change of schedule in this year’s Montilla-Moriles Wine Tasting Festival (Córdoba). Normally celebrated in September, during harvest season, some of this year’s first festivals are held in May.

Here’s a full listing of Grape Harvest Celebrations:


Montilla-Moriles Wine Tasting Festival (moved up from September in 2014) — Córdoba
Manzanilla Wine Fair in Sanlúcar (on the banks of the Guadalquivir)— Cádiz


Public Wine Tasting — Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba
Chipiona’s Moscatel Festival (wine tasting and flamenco combo!) — Cádiz
Grape Harvest Fair and Festival in Villanueva del Ariscal — Sevilla
Night of Wine in Cómpeta (considered an event of tourist interest) — Málaga


Most festive month for wine, it’s harvest season
Royal Fair — Huelva
Grape Harvest Festivals of Condado — Palma del Condado, Huelva
Montilla-Moriles Grape Harvest Celebration — Córdoba (In 2014 moved to May)
Grape Harvest Festival — Jerez de la Frontera
Grapre Harvest Festival — Bollullos par del Condado, Huelva
Mollina Festival — Málaga
Manilva Festival — Málaga


Montilla-Moriles Grape Harvest Celebration

Montilla-Moriles in Córdoba, Andalucia, are known for their fino sherry and their big annual Grape Harvest Celebration in its honor. Declared as an event of National Tourist Interest, and one of the oldest celebrations in Spain, it is a commemoration of Pago grape harvest (of the region) for their delicious fino vino.
With happenings beyond that of wine tasting and other wine related celebrations, are tapas route celebrations, Competition of Trade Skills, horse shows, openings speeches and multiple musical performances and sporting/entertainment events.
We are not responsible for any time and date change of any named events.

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