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How Spaniards celebrate Valentines Day

Valentines day is an international celebration, all in the name of love.
Spain has been named one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Valentines day is as big of a celebration in Spain as it is elsewhere. It is normal for many to forget the true purpose of this festive day, but nevertheless remember it is d day of love. And that is all it’s about, everywhere you look around.
In Spain some make elaborate arrangements with months of planning, honoring and welcoming this festival of love. For a local Spaniard it is usual to make tours of market areas with local crafts, go on shopping sprees together, buy gift sfor each other, book a fancy restaurant for the night — same gimmicks as elsewhere in the world really.
It truly is a festivity for any age group, for the young and unmarried as well as for the married and elder. Whereas for the young and unmarried it may be about impressing their sweetheart, for the married and more adult it’s a sign of trust and loyalty.
Nevertheless, all in the name of love.

So what makes Spain a great romantic destination?

Spaniards to not cut short in showing their affection for their loved other. On this special day the treats get bigger, whether it be a candlelight dinner, a cocktail outing or a romantic getaway, making their other half feel pampered and special is the ultimate aim.Valentine’s day shows vast purchases of luscious red bunch of roses, big box of chocolates between other hearty gifts.

It is fact (an actual statistic) that Spanish people know how to express their undying love for each other. Family is a very important factor in Spanish lifestyle — family is everything. On Valentines day some may be considering proposing their other half, making them partners in life — they show and express this divinely. For growing a family is still a very important element in Spanish society, culture and tradition.
We are all different and Valentines day is a day where we celebrate differences and similarities that make that bond between two people blossom into a great love.

 This said, we want you to come enjoy this spirit of love in your romantic getaway to Spain!

If you thinking or planning something special for this or next Valentines day, we suggest you have a read through the Top 8 romantic cities in Spain and find the city for you.

Be it a city break in Sevilla, attending flamenco shows and eating tapas or Barcelona, where artists like Gaudí left their mark in art and architecture.

What else can we say than, Spain welcomes you with open arms, browse and book yourself a romantic getaway today!