"Gambas blancas de Huelva" – Huelva’s delicate and delicious white prawns

There are multiple varieties of prawns, of many different qualities, in Spain. The highest quality, with great gastronomic value, are the prawns from Costa de Huelva, in Andalucía, southern Spain – known as ‘Gambas de Huelva’ in Spanish. Also called ‘Gambas Blancas de Huelva’ (‘blancas’ means white), this crustacean has a long and well developed […]

"Gazpacho, Ajo Blanco & Salmorejo" – Andalucía’s famous vegetable soups

Gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup, has conquered the world as a hearty, easily digestible starter or tapa. In pre-Roman times gazpacho was made from stale bread, garlic, vinegar, oil and water. Later, farmers began to add vegetables to make it more substantial and satisfy hunger and thirst – in one go. This cold soup has […]

Mezquita de Córdoba – The Great Mosque of Córdoba

La Mezquita de Córdoba (the Great Mosque of Córdoba) is a prime example of Moorish architecture at it’s best. It is a historical monument of brillianty developed architecture. Nowadays it is no longer used as a Mosque but a Catholic Cathedral. But let’s rewind a little bit and tell you more about Córdoba’s great Mosque… […]

Toro de Osborne, the Spanish unofficial national bull

A 14-metre black silhouette of a bull called Toro de Osborne (The Osborne bull) is a unofficial national symbol of Spain. Created in 1956 as a billing board (an advert structure) for Veterano, a brandy company, the Osborne bull has since become a symbol for whole of Spain. This black bull has appeared in numerous […]

"Pueblos Blancos – White villages" Andalucia’s hidden jewels

Between the Atlantic in the west and the Mediterranean in the east, lies some of the prettiest hidden towns of Spain. If you are visiting or living in Andalucia, southern Spain, you cannot miss a trip to “pueblos blancos”, also known as white villages.  These white villages, with whitewashed walls, red tiled roofs, cobblestone streets […]

Olive oil cultivation in Andalucia; qualities, varieties and benefits

virgin olive oil

Olive oil is a component based on the Mediterranean diet and is considered by many as the healthiest in the world. Science has investigated all its positive aspects and has been named as Spain’s ‘golden liquid’. Not only does it make ordinary bread something special, but it truly makes your taste buds pop in flavour. […]

Sardines are the local summer dish in Málaga, the tourism capital

Espetos Costa del Sol

In southern Spain, Málaga province to be exact, Sardines are your summer meal. Locally know as ‘el Espeto’, these sardines are roasted on a stick on an old fishing boat. It may sound a bit silly, but they taste heavenly. This tradition has been in Málaga since Pheonician times, a good long time ago.
The meat […]

Córdoba’s colorful "Festival de los Patios" and cultural heritage

Patios Cordoba

Córdoba, in Andalucia, is known for its ‘Feria de los Patios’ that takes place in May. Flowers, colours and aromas that brings the city of Córdoba to life. Because of the hot Mediterranean climate many houses in Andalucia are built with a central “patio” (courtyard). This is a custom that dates back to the Romans, […]

Jerez’s Flamenco Festival

The world’s leading Flamenco festival is back in town! Starting on the 20th February all the way through to 7th March, come and enjoy some colorful and soulful performances by world famous flamenco artists; dancers, guitarists and singers. It is fact that Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia, was where the vibrant art of Flamenco all […]

Tapas culture, how and where to experience it

Tapeo Tapas Spain

Tapas bar crawl in any Spanish town will satisfy any traveler’s desire in adventure and hunger. It’s all part of the ‘Spain experience’, sharing both food and chatter, with many welcomes from locals and smiles combined. Many describe ‘Tapas’ as what Spain is all about. Standing whilst eating and drinking is a foreign concept to […]