Sardines are the local summer dish in Málaga, the tourism capital

Espetos Costa del Sol

In southern Spain, Málaga province to be exact, Sardines are your summer meal. Locally know as ‘el Espeto’, these sardines are roasted on a stick on an old fishing boat. It may sound a bit silly, but they taste heavenly. This tradition has been in Málaga since Pheonician times, a good long time ago.
The meat […]

Gaudí's Barcelona and much more

Barcelona Gaudi casa Milá

There are so many things to do in Barcelona, a vibrant metropolitan and chic city. The best thing to do is stroll through the city’s streets by foot, for that way you really get to explore the city and get close to Gaudí’s famous modernist buildings. But before we explore the greatness of Antoni Gaudí, […]

Road trip through some northern Spanish wine and food regions

Hotel Marques de Riscal

We here at Magnethi are excited to introduce a new segment called “Traveller’s blog” where we share personal experiences we have enjoyed in sunny Spain. 

We are Heidi and Erik Magnethi Dalgaard, two aficionados for everything Spain has to offer who have lived in the Costa del Sol for almost 30 years. Nevertheless, we are […]

Córdoba’s colorful "Festival de los Patios" and cultural heritage

Patios Cordoba

Córdoba, in Andalucia, is known for its ‘Feria de los Patios’ that takes place in May. Flowers, colours and aromas that brings the city of Córdoba to life. Because of the hot Mediterranean climate many houses in Andalucia are built with a central “patio” (courtyard). This is a custom that dates back to the Romans, […]

Jerez’s Flamenco Festival

The world’s leading Flamenco festival is back in town! Starting on the 20th February all the way through to 7th March, come and enjoy some colorful and soulful performances by world famous flamenco artists; dancers, guitarists and singers. It is fact that Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia, was where the vibrant art of Flamenco all […]

Visit Valencia and it’s renown farmer’s market

farmers market

Huerta, an irrigated area around Valencia, was one home to a large farmer’s market of lush vegetables and fruit gardens. Today, Valencia’s market is set up of stands of different family firms who get their produce from the Huerta. Fruit and vegetables are sold by piece and not by weight. An estimated 300 farmers bring […]

How Spaniards celebrate Valentines Day

Romantic Holidays

Valentines day is an international celebration, all in the name of love. Spain has been named one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Valentines day is as big of a celebration in Spain as it is elsewhere. It is normal for many to forget the true purpose of this festive day, but nevertheless […]

Santa Cruz, Tenerife's Capital: where to Go & what to See

Puerto de la Cruz

Tenerife was an extremely popular destination in the 80’s and is still very well-known today. However, statistically, in the last few years, Tenerife has not had as many visits as one may think. An island with exotic parks and chic restaurants, quirky and sleek architecture and very interesting museums and galleries — you would think […]

Spain’s finest Sherry and Grape harvest Celebrations in Andalucia


Sherry is made from the Palamino grape, a grape that grows extremely well on chalky soils found in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia. Jerez has been titled European Wine City 2014. What is done with these grapes to make Sherry, is truly interesting. Fermented to give a dry white wine, which is then fortified 16% […]

Barcelona’s Art: architecture, artists and museums


Barcelona, a beautiful city rich in culture, arts and stunning architecture. If Barcelona is a city you wish to visit, them you’re in luck. This article will finely describe some of Barcelona’s artsy features and must-see’s.   Barcelona’s modernism, Antoni Gaudí You may already know about Antoni Gaudí and his modernist architecture. Waking Barcelona by […]