Barcelona’s Art: architecture, artists and museums


Barcelona, a beautiful city rich in culture, arts and stunning architecture. If Barcelona is a city you wish to visit, them you’re in luck. This article will finely describe some of Barcelona’s artsy features and must-see’s.   Barcelona’s modernism, Antoni Gaudí You may already know about Antoni Gaudí and his modernist architecture. Waking Barcelona by […]

Visit Andalusia and experience a Flamenco! Shows in Málaga, Córdoba and Jerez.

Flamenco show

Many say that you either learn about Andalusia through Flamenco or you learn Flamenco through Andalusia. There are endless places where to go and experience ‘Flamenco’. Hotspots in Costa del Sol for Flamenco and it’s culture, here are some great places where to experience some real Flamenco! MALAGA Kelipe Malaga (City center) TICKETS Kelipe is […]

Costa del Sol hot spots for night (and day) life, restaurants and more

Marbella Beach Party

As you may already know, Costa del Sol (‘Coast of the sun’) is one of the hot spots Spain has to offer in great restaurants and vibrant nightlife. A variation from classic to traditional Spanish, there is no doub that there is a restaurant, bar or pub to your liking. 
Anything from local Spanish bars, […]

Celebrate Christmas in Andalusia, Andalusian style!

Christmas in Andalusia is full of traditions, great food and “more the merrier” on the wine! Cities dressed up as glittering stars, it’s hard to miss fact that it’s party season. Loud and bright ambiance gives the whole essence of Christmas a purpose and sense of authenticity. Locals celebrate Christmas by bringing families, all big […]