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Time for Spanish Christmas, the Three Wise Men! 6th January

When you thought Christmas was over and a detox after new year as resolution was a great plan, you may think again. The Spanish give no rest to the wicked during the festive season, with their most celebrated date still coming up. The Three Kings are celebrated on the 6th of January, with a lot of food, drink and laughter.
For Spaniards, the three wise men, who brought baby Jesus gifts of gold and frankincense, is a big deal.
On January 5th every year you can watch a procession dedicated to these individuals, the Three Wise Men.
They parade on huge, decorated floats, carried by numerous men. They throw sweets for all the children waiting excitedly for their arrival on the streets.

Spanish Parades, Christmas, The three Kings
This said, the day in which Spaniards share gifts is not in December, but on January 6th, the day of “Reyes Magos” (That translates to “Magic kings” aka, Three Wise Men). Normally, this is an gift sharing event most common for children, but adults and big Spanish families still join in to catch the Kings throwing sweets and make huge and great food preparations accompanied with best of Spanish wines, of course.
However, these days children tend to get gifts on both Christmas (24-25th) and Reyes, as foreign traditions spread to Spain. Nevertheless, in the popularity stakes the Kings far outshine the man in the red suit and the 6th of January is a much awaited date.
One has to give it to the Spaniards when it comes to celebrating big and doing so always surrounded and with family. Spanish lifestyle is known for it’s “laid back” attitude, but you can’t fault it for bringing families together and enjoying life with your loved ones.

It’s all about family, as it should be.


Spanish Christmas