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Top golf destination in Europe: Spain

Majority of Spanish golf courses are found in southern and sunny Costa del Sol. Also known as the Costa del Golf.
According to Sport Marketing Surveys, they are top of the European leaderboard of most favored golf courses.
It may be that visitors are not only drawn to Spain sunny golf courses and sea views, but culture too. As you may know, Spain’s gastronomy is one of the strongest. With iberian hams that melt in your mouth, delicacy cheeses and cuisine that will make you drool. Click here to read more about delicious Spanish food, tapas & culture.
Back to golfing!
A survey was carried out asking the following nations; UK, Germany, France and Scandinavia asking their preference when it came to golfing in Europe. Spain was by far the most common choice.
Golf in Spain
Apparently 28 % of those surveyed said they had visited Spain in the past year to play golf .
Breaking down figures even more, Costa del Sol was found to be the most popular destination in Spain, leading ahead of the Costa Brava region (which claimed 3.9 % of the share) and the Canary Islands, who got 3.2 %.
“This latest study proves that Spain remains at the heart of the European golf tourism industry, and illustrates why thousands of golfers still put its golfing regions at the top of their wish list,” said Peter Grimster, Exhibition Manager for IGTM, who commissioned the study.
Over the years many have said that Costa del Sol and Golf go hand in hand. The milder winter climate allowed golfing to happen all year around, in some of the most varied, challenging and beautiful golf courses in the world. Golf courses nearby excellent apartment and resort rental complexes, spa hotels, sunny climate and great ambiance and cuisine. What else could a golfer ask for?
Statistics say that Scandinavians, British and Irish tend to prefer Costa del Sol to any other region in Spain, and in Europe.

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