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Visit local street markets in Marbella, time to get a bargain!

Local street markets in Marbella are a great way to spend a day.
From the very animated yelling “Solo un euro, un euro, un euro!” or “Venga! Compra uno – otro gratis!” (C´mon! Buy one get one free) to browsing through some great bargains, it really is not worth a miss.

You will essentially find a bit of anything and everything in these markets. Fancy dress, second hand books, to fresh foods and products, it really is a (outdoor) bazaar to get enticed by.

If fresh fruit and vegetables is what you’re after, San Pedro market is known for its ecological fruit and veg. You can taste the produce before you buy it, so you are sure to bring home the sweetest plums or the juiciest tomatoes, or whatever your fridge is in need of. And they come at a reasonable price too!
Street markets Marbella
There are three street markets in the area, one in Marbella centre, another in Puerto Banús and another a bit further in San Pedro. Marbella centre street market is held from 10:00am until 14:00pm. Puerto Banús and San Pedro markets are all officially between 09:00am until around 14:00pm, to make it for 15:00pm (local) lunchtime. Don’t take our exact word for the exact time schedule, for we are in Spain after all and a few minutes (maybe 10) here and there are not really a big deal (to the Spaniards, that is.)
Normally held in fairgrounds (named “Recinto ferial” in Spanish) or in Industrial areas (“Polígonos Industriales”).

Beware, they can get crowded, so if you are going with children, strollers or anybody with wheelchairs please be careful. Make sure you keep eyes on your belongings, bags and wallets specially, there may be pickpockets wondering in the crowds.

So get yourself up ready and going and grab yourself some awesome bargains!

Marbella (Avenida Las Albarizas)
Mondays 10:00am – 14:00pm
Puerto banus
Saturdays 09:00am – 14:00pm

San Pedro
Thursdays 09:00am – 14:00pm

We are not responsible for any time and date change or content of this event.
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