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Ways to order and drink Spanish coffee

Madrid’s Mayor invites you all to come enjoy a ‘café con leche’ in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.
This proves just how much coffee means to Spaniards, it’s almost considered part of cultural heritage, considering the Mayor even mentions it.
Back to coffee, and how it’s drank. There are multiple ways Spaniards prepare their coffee, you are bound to find one to your taste.

Here’s a summed up list of all the ways a coffee is served:

Café con leche

A little cup of café solo with hot milk poured in by the waiter a the table – typically drank with breakfast sweet bread. It sure tastes just as good when friends meet in the coffee house in the afternoon.


A little cup of black coffee, a popular substitute for breakfast or after a good meal – it’s an expresso.

Sólo largo

A double ‘sólo’, meaning, a double expresso.


Black coffee with a small dash of milk.


A little bit of coffee, with a lot of milk.


Even less coffee than in Sombra, and lot of milk.

Café con hielo (‘ice coffee’)

A little black coffee cup served with a glass filled with ice — blend the two in the glass.
Please note that ways of drinking (and ordering) coffee may vary depending on where you are in Spain.