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Wine Museum in Ronda, Andalusian wines

The cellar of a historic “casa palacio” (translates to ‘palace house’) has been converted into a wine museum, that has turned out to be a great success. Wine Museum of Ronda, correctly named”Bodegas la Sangre”, has 12 rooms which guide through history and culture of Ronda wines, from mithology, religion and social recognition, to the labor and care put into the making of such fine wines. “Vino fino” as they would say here in Spain. Ronda’s wines are world reknown, but if you’re more interested in Andalusia’s sweet wines, click here.

Ronda Bodegas
A city that overlooks Córdoba, Sevilla and Granada as one of Andalucías fastest-growing towns, Ronda has a lot of what you call traditional Spanish charm and history that goes with it. Panoramic views of Ronda are a main attraction, followed by it’s exquisit and unmissable wines. Learn more about Andalusian wines.

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Bodega la Sangre Museum, contact information

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Ronda Wine Tasting